This 2018 Scarab 255ID Wake Edition in Denim Blue is optioned right and priced right for everyone.  This boat has a table that can be set in 3 positions, a head with sink, a freshwater shower, 3 coolers, 8 speakers plus a sub woofer, Marine mat flooring, flip over rear seats, fill in cushions for the bow, and oh, did we mention 500 horsepower.  Yes, 500 horsepower to tow anyone on anything, and carry all your friends.  This boat has a tower with bimini, tow point and stern light.  The Wake Edition adds three Fat Sack water ballast bags, Monster Tower board racks, and wake tabs.  We added the touchscreen dash to make life easy.  The touchscreen allows easy access to different modes, depth finder, GPS, speedo, tach and a live video interface.  Hool up your GoPro and watch the action.  The front seats have flip up cushions to raise you up or lower you down.  As with all our boats, it includes a mooring cover and trailer.  Buy it now!